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Day 77 - Invercargil to Bluff

Waking up today was like waking up on Christmas morning. For the last 2 and a half years I've been thinking of walking into Bluff, and the day that I would finish this walk. Everyone was in high spirits, and nobody left Invercargil in a rush. We all made a meeting point in bluff so we could all walk together, but even though everyone left as individuals on this day, the 8 of us were soon walking as a group through the estuary. Today was no easy day if walking. 33km and half of that was on a main highway with not much of a shoulder. We walked through the estuary walking all together as it was gentle and a wide trail, but when we reached the highway we were forced to walk in a single file line. As we marched the 15-20km down the highway we all soon became dispersed and I found myself walking alone. I took the time to reflect of what a crazy journey this all has been. When I reached the outskirts of Bluff about half the group was there and we waited for everyone else to make it so w

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